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Applications extended to April 15 11:59 p.m. PT!


We're accepting applications for five roles.

| Head of Design

Deeply insightful about how to build a strong visual identity, with a strong understanding of the foundations of design. You could be the person leading this charge!

Apply here

| Head of Engineering

Always building, prolifically creative, and a near-obsessive problem solver with a sense of humor. Have we got your number? Apply to join our HQ team as an engineer!

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| Head of Growth/Social

Analytical, and obsessed with figuring out the early stage growth problem by breaking down every stage of the funnel. Does this sound like you? Apply to join!

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| Editor in Chief

Expert on all types of content: newsletters, podcasts, even memes. Looking to exercise your creative juices with a DRF flair? Join us as our editor in chief!

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| Product Manager

Impeccable product sense with great people skills. Obsessed about creating the best user experiences possible. Apply to scratch your product building itch!

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Dorm Room Fund retreat in early 2020 (pre-COVID).


Join us.

Joining the DRF family leads to a world of opportunities.

Real responsibilities, real decisions

The future is being built by student founders. We’re looking for curious, confident, and driven students to join our team.

Meet world-class peers

You learn the most from the people around you. At DRF, everyone's backgrounds lead to diverse perspective and ideas.

Work directly with portfolio companies

As an HQ team member, you get to experience, advise, and discuss early stage problems directly with the founding team.

Work on a startup

We run Dorm Room Fund as our own startup. Roll up your sleeves with us to build, problem solve, and grow DRF.

Be with the best

We turn exceptional students into industry leaders.

Look anywhere and you’ll find DRF alums making their mark on the world. Our best-in-class education, network, and community come together to transform exceptional students into industry leaders.

| 100+

Forbes 30 under 30 honorees
since 2016 in DRF community

| 49%

of our partners are female
(vs. 7% industry average)

| 76%

of DRF alumni go on to
become founders or VCs


Meet us virtually

Still have burning questions? Want to meet the DRF family? Stay up to date with events with The Syllabus Newsletter or sign up for any of events below or using this link. We can't wait to meet you!

| DRF HQ 101: AMA

April 5, 8pm ET

Come get the low down on HQ, who we are, how we roll, and why we love it. With the HQ team and DRF CEO, Molly Fowler.

| Knowledge is Power: Editor in Chief

April 6, 8pm ET

More than writing, we think content strategy and brand marketing.

| Growing DRF’s Brand: Head of Growth and Social

April 6, 7pm ET

Own the funnel of attracting, converting, and engaging folks to DRF.

| Designing the Future: Head of Design

April 7, 6pm ET

Lead the creative vision for the original student VC fund.

| Build, Ship, Next: PM and Head of Engineering

April 7, 8pm ET

Deliver ambitious engineering initiatives and grow our technical strategy.

| DRF HQ 201: AMA

April 12th, 8pm ET

Final DRF session to get any last-minute pressing questions answered.

Our forever family

Hear From Our Alumni



Product @ Oscar Health, Investment Partner 2017-2019

“DRF was where I discovered what students were actually capable of, in a world tells you value only comes from prestigious labels.”

Lindsay Ullman


Head of Membership at Angi, DRF Investment Partner Alum

“Being apart of Dorm Room Fund connected me to a big, amazing network of entrepreneurs.”

Vinan Rachakonda


Software Engineer at Dolthub, 2018-20 HQ Head of Engineering

“DRF gave me a solid introduction to understanding the technology and venture spaces at large. Through this, I had the privilege to meet extremely ambitious and intelligent students who motivated me to become the best version of myself. More importantly, I made lifelong friends through this experience.”

Shawn Xu


Partner @ OnDeck, Forbes 30 Under 30, 2017-19 Investment Partner

“Looking back after finishing grad school, I can definitively say, Dorm Room Fund is transformational. Where else can you get mentored by venture legends like Josh Kopelman, who arguably helped invent seed investing? Where else can you build an investing track record as a student, where you can write real checks into real companies founded by your peers? This is the absolute best network of young people interested in startups, entrepreneurship, and venture capital you'll find anywhere in the world.”

Application Timeline

What to expect?

Take a peek at the recruiting timeline below to get a sense of what to expect. Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to [email protected] for any questions.

Application Opens

March 28th

Events and Office Hours

April 5th - April 11th

Applications Due

April 14th

Interview Rounds 1 & 2

April 15th-29th

Superday: HQ Final Interviews

April 29th & 30th



Should I apply if my school has a few or no Dorm Room Fund partners?

Yes! We're always looking to expand into new schools and highly encourage that you bring your expertise and school spirit to our team.

What does the HQ team do?

The HQ team at Dorm Room Fund supports our student founders and investment partners, as well as the greater entrepreneurship community, by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

What do we look for in HQ partners?

Ideal candidates show strong enthusiasm for startups and venture capital. We don't require an internship in either field, but we'd love to see examples of a strong network at your school — be sure to tell us your connections to entrepreneurs on campus and how you can bring companies into the Dorm Room Fund family. While we don't require a technical background, we love evidence that you can get things done, efficiently and proactively, and can critically make decisions to give advice to founders. Keep in mind that Dorm Room Fund is also our own startup. We love people who can make the community stronger, more inclusive, and representative across the country. We expect a to commitment of 10-15 hours per week.

How do I best prepare for the application and interview?

In your application, please take the time to provide responses that tell your story. We value thoughtful responses that show you've put time into our application. If you receive an interview offer, be prompt to your interview and ensure you're in a well-lit, noiseless area. We don't expect a full tux and gown, but double check that your unmade bed isn't distracting the interviewer, and triple check your computer's audio beforehand.

If I applied to Dorm Room Fund before, can I apply again?

Yes! We value grit. Many of our current HQ partners applied and entered the team on their second or third tries. You can also apply for an investment partner role in the fall if an HQ partner spot isn't right for you.

Do I need a referral?

No referrals needed! We value people from all walks of life, regardless if they know anyone in the DRF community.

Should I apply if I'm a freshman?

We encourage students of all grades to apply but expect that they have shown interest in venture capital or startups. As new students entering college, freshmen may have less experience. That said, we've accepted freshmen before, and our current head of community, Melissa Li, applied as a freshman. It never hurts to try!

Can I apply if I am a recent graduate?

No, you must be a current student.

Can I apply as a gap year student?

Yes, but you must plan to return to college (not drop out).

Can I apply as an international student?

For HQ roles, we accept international students from any place, living in any country.

Do I need to have a technical background?

No, the majors and programs of our HQ partners run the gamut, and we value diversity of thought brought to the discussion table.

How long does an HQ position last?

Until you graduate from your university institution. That means freshmen have up to four years with us, first-year MBAs have two years, seniors can finish their final year, PhDs are with us practically forever 😉.

Is this year's program virtual or in person?

For HQ, Dorm Room Fund runs meetings virtually. You can expect in-person components, COVID-19 permitting, a couple times per year. Throughout the year, regional teams also host in-person social events open to the Dorm Room Fund alum and current community.

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