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Dorm Room Fund retreat in early 2020 (pre-COVID).

Real responsibilities. Real decisions.

Student founders are building the future. We support them with a $20k check, access to DRF’s and First Round Capital’s network, and world class mentors to guide their companies to seed stage and beyond.

We’re looking for curious, confident, and driven students to join our team. Help us discover and back the best founders and make big bets on the future.

Be with the best.

We turn exceptional students into industry leaders.

We’re passionate about helping student entrepreneurs. Beyond being the first check-in, we work tirelessly to provide the support, mentorship, and network founders need to grow their startups. We've built the best community of student investors, operators, and experts anywhere, and we're growing our team.

| 35+

Dorm Room Fund alumni have been named Forbes 30 Under 30 since 2016.

| 43%

of our partners are women, compared to the 7% industry standard.

| 53%

of Dorm Room Fund alumni go on to become founders and venture capitalists.

We're accepting applications for two different roles.

Investment Partner

Almost too curious, startup-obsessed, and a founder’s first text. Sound like you? Apply to discover and back the best student founders as a member of our investment team!

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Head of Engineering

Always building, prolifically creative, and a near-obsessive problem solver with a sense of humor. Have we got your number? Apply to join our HQ team as an engineer!

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Hear from our alumni:

Shawn Xu

Floodgate, Forbes 30 Under 30 | DRF SF & Philly

Looking back after finishing grad school, I can definitively say, Dorm Room Fund is transformational. Where else can you get mentored by venture legends like Josh Kopelman, who arguably helped invent seed investing? Where else can you build an investing track record as a student, where you can write real checks into real companies founded by your peers? This is the absolute best network of young people interested in startups, entrepreneurship, and venture capital you'll find anywhere in the world.

Shohini Gupta

Product Manager, Oscar | DRF SF

Watching DRF founders build companies was how I realized what students were actually capable of. At the time, this incredibly valuable level of access to the early stage ecosystem was limited to partners. Over the next two years, we launched Female Founder Track and now have a phenomenal portfolio of founder and investor programs supporting students across the country. It makes me confident that DRF will be the ecosystem for the next generation of extraordinary and diverse entrepreneurial talent.

Lindsay Ullman

CEO & Co-Founder, Umbrella | DRF Boston

Being part of Dorm Room Fund connected me to a big, amazing network of entrepreneurs. Post-DRF, I started a company and began angel investing, and have counted on the DRF network for everything from hiring to opportunities to co-invest.

Udit Jain

Partner, Graduate Fund | DRF New York

DRF was the single best thing I did at Yale. Through DRF, I invested $200k in capital, made over 15 incredible friends, and still benefit from the warm & ambitious community. I'm eager to continue helping DRF grow to welcome even more people!

General FAQs

What is Dorm Room Fund?

Built by students and backed by First Round Capital, we’re the original student-run venture fund that provides student founders with a $20,000 check, access to First Round’s powerful investor network, and world-class mentors to guide their companies to Series Seed funding and beyond.

We’ve invested in 300+ startups that have gone on to raise $500M+ in follow-on funding from firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, First Round, Sequoia, Union Square Ventures, and more.

We also support diverse founders and investors through initiatives including the Female Founder Track and the Blueprint Project.

To learn more about about Dorm Room Fund, sign up for our webinars led by First Round Capital Partners:

How has COVID impacted Dorm Room Fund’s operations?

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts lives, health systems, and the global economy, startups and corporate giants alike have been forced to change at lightning speed. Our founders have inspired the Dorm Room Fund team each day with their adaptability to adapt their investment process as well. Dorm Room Fund will operate entirely virtually this year - from our initial coffee chats with founders to the actual investment pitches (and of course, the recruiting process).

What if I’m taking a gap semester/year?

Dorm Room Fund is intended for currently-enrolled students: we believe access to university resources gives our partners and founders an advantage, and backing students is core to our mission. However, we recognize that COVID-19 has caused unprecedented hardships and hiccups in many people’s lives. While we will give priority to currently-enrolled students, applicants taking a semester or year off will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We will not consider applicants who have already graduated.

What are the application deadlines?

September 26th, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET: Philadelphia, Boston, New York
October 2nd, 2020 at 11:59 PT: San Francisco & HQ (Engineering)

What’s in it for me?

As a member of Dorm Room Fund, you’ll graduate with hands-on venture experience, cross-industry startup knowledge, and most importantly, be part of a national community of talented entrepreneurs and investors. Our alumni have gone on to do amazing work — from raising millions in funding for their own startups to launching their own venture firms.

Can any student apply?

Yes!! As long as you are enrolled in a degree program (undergraduates, MBA, Ph.D. candidates, master’s, and even divinity school) and majoring in anything from Ancient Greek Literature to Linguistics, you are eligible to apply!

Investment Partner FAQs

What is the day-to-day for an investment partner?

  • We hunt for, and meet with the best student founders to learn about their startups. This year, all our meetings will be virtual.
  • We research markets and technologies to better evaluate the companies we partner with and invest in.
  • We hold weekly investment meetings where we listen to pitches, engage in discussions, and make investment decisions.
  • We write checks — we give every company we fund a check for $20,000 via an uncapped SAFE with a Most Favored Nation clause and access to our community resources.
  • We meet with our community founders regularly and help them learn the ins and outs of fundraising, launch strategy, growth, and hiring. In addition, we connect them with world-class advisors, investors, and mentors to help them solve their key challenges.
  • We speak at and host entrepreneurship events at our schools, and we tend to be judges at pitch competitions and hackathons.

What does Dorm Room Fund look for in their Investment Partners? Do I need previous investment experience to become an Investment Partner?

No, you do not need any previous investment experience. Here are some things we look for in great investment partners:

  • Demonstrated interest in supporting entrepreneurs and passionate peers. You’re an active member of an entrepreneurship club, a related organization, or a startup at your school and are embedded within the startup community at your university and beyond.
  • Passion for entrepreneurship and curiosity about new technology. You have an understanding of what’s happening in tech and VC or are eager to learn more about this space. You love learning about new technology, and may even have some experience working with startups or in venture capital.
  • Confidence in your beliefs but eager to learn. You’re always looking for themes, analyzing trends, and thinking critically about the future. You enjoy sparking discussion and sharing (and questioning) your viewpoints. You are open-minded and inclusive of diverse perspectives and opinions.
  • Initiative and distance traveled. You’re at your best off the beaten path. You have ideas for how you’re going to improve Dorm Room Fund and student entrepreneurship in your community and are excited to put them in action. You’re execution-oriented and are pumped to build a community with an awesome team.

How are the investment teams organized?

Although we’re working remotely, our investment teams are organized by proximity to 4 main locations. The four investment teams are drafted by the geography of the universities that the student investment partners are enrolled in:

  • Boston Team: Schools in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Canada
  • New York Team: Schools in New York, Connecticut, and the Midwest
  • San Francisco Team: Schools in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona
  • Philadelphia Team: Schools in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and the Southeast
  • Wait, what’s going on with Texas? We know it’s weird, but Texas applicants should apply to the Boston team. Chalk it up to Dorm Room Fund quirkiness.

Each team consists of up to 14 members and is a diverse group of talented individuals who fund the most promising students and provide them with the resources they need to grow their startups while in school. While teams drive their individual investment processes, they’re constantly in touch, sharing ideas, and seeking advice on investments from across the DRF-wide team.

Head of Engineering FAQs

What is the day-to-day for the Head of Engineering?

Dorm Room Fund engineers keep our community humming. As a member of our engineering team, you will hone your technical skills by working on real-world products that help create companies and make investments — which in our opinion is pretty awesome. We build with the latest and greatest and own everything from architecture to development to deployment. And the best part is that you get to do all of this with a front-row view of how venture capital works — not something most engineers don’t get the chance to do.

What will the Head of Engineering be responsible for?

This role is fun and requires significant self-direction (with a heavy dose of mentorship), since the Head of Engineering is a one-person show, for the most part:

  • You will build software and integrations to support student entrepreneurs and partners at Dorm Room Fund.
  • You will help founders turn their dreams into reality, and be willing to experiment and learn the best tools for each job.
  • You will move fast, take initiative, and work in startup-like environments.
  • You will own and manage all of Dorm Room Fund’s technical efforts, including our websites, cloud infrastructure, content analytics, and founder resources.
  • You will support and build for an incredible community of 400+ entrepreneurs, operators, and innovators who support each other’s businesses, careers, and ambitions as family.

Who are we looking for?

Here are some things we look for in great engineers leaders:

  • An obsession with all things software.
  • A keen understanding of web applications and data (bonus points for infrastructure skills).
  • A history of building and deploying interesting projects (outside of school/work).
  • Experience working with tech companies or startups.
  • A positive, can-do, no-such-thing-as-grunt-work attitude.
  • Willingness to learn and jump in when required!

Applications are now closed.

Applications will re-open in Fall 2021.

Still have questions?

Contact us at [email protected].

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